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Rider's Guide

LADOT Transit


Consistently delivering high-quality service has been the hallmark of LADOT Transit services. Lately, DASH services in the Downtown and Mid-Cities areas have been less than reliable, and, frankly, not at all up to the standards that you, our riders have come to expect of our services. We understand that the poor quality of your DASH service has caused you aggravation and we sincerely apologize for the problems you have encountered in recent weeks.

First Group, the private contractor that currently operates your routes for LADOT Transit, has been unable to deliver service that meets our standards. A new contractor will begin serving your route on October 29, 2019. In the meantime, LADOT Transit has invoked a contingency plan to correct the problems you have been experiencing. Service is being prioritized based upon the frequency of each route schedule to reduce the impact of the driver shortage as much as possible. In addition, to keep you better informed about your service, LADOT Transit communicates with the contractor before service begins each morning and again in the afternoon to determine which routes may be impacted by driver shortages that day. That information is being immediately relayed to you, our riders so that you will know when we know which services may not be operating to their scheduled levels.

LADOT Transit is doing everything possible to return service to normal levels. We thank you for your patience during this challenging period and we pledge to you that we will win back your confidence in our service. A Message to DASH Downtown and DASH Mid-City Area Riders (213 / 310 / 323 / 818) 808-2273

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