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Commuter Express

LADOT Transit Services



When you ride Commuter Express, you'll get there comfortably, safely and efficiently. Commuter Express makes a limited number of stops, making the travel times as short as possible. Whether your commute takes you to Downtown Los Angeles or another major center, LADOT's Commuter Express is ready to serve you.

Plan your Commuter Express trip using the Google Trip Planner or from the route list displayed below.

Commuter Express System Map

Commuter Express Routes



ROUTE 409 to Civic Center from:
Sylmar 79 min
Sunland 56 min
Tujunga 45 min
East Glendale 31 min
ROUTE 419 to Downtown from:
Chatsworth 81 min
Northridge 69 min
Granada Hills 64 min
Mission Hills 59 min
ROUTE 423 to Downtown from:
Thousand Oaks 59 min
Calabasas 67 min
Woodland Hills 44 min
Encino 45 min
ROUTE 431 to Financial District from:
Westwood 67 min
Palms 37 min
ROUTE 437 to Financial District from:
Venice 59 min
Marina del Rey 44 min
Culver City 34 min
ROUTE 438 to Financial District from:
Redondo Beach 68 min
Hermosa Beach 57 min
Manhattan Beach 48 min
El Segundo 43 min
ROUTE 448 to Financial District from:
Rancho Palos Verdes 69 min
Rolling Hills Estates 60 min
Harbor City 44 min
ROUTE 142 between:
San Pedro and Long Beach 26 min
ROUTE 422 between:
Central LA and Van Nuys 43 min
Central LA and Warner Ctr 52 min
Central LA and Agoura Hills 79 min
Hollywood and Van Nuys 24 min
Hollywood and Warner Ctr 33 min
ROUTE 534 between:
Downtown LA and Century City 26 min
Downtown LA and Westwood 41 min
Union Station and Westwood 55 min
ROUTE 549 between:
Encino and Pasadena 53 min
Encino and Glendale 37 min
Encino and Burbank 28 min
Pasadena and Glendale 17 min
Pasadena and Burbank 34 min
Glendale and Burbank 12 min
ROUTE 573 between:
Mission Hills and Century City 75 min
Mission Hills and Encino 25 min
Encino and Westwood 33 min
ROUTE 574 between:
Sylmar and El Segundo 83 min
Sylmar and Encino 30 min
Encino and LAX 40 min
Encino and El Segundo 55 min
Union Station and Bunker Hill 20 min