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Most Commuter Express buses are fitted with racks. Please call (213, 310, 323, 818) 808-2273 for more information.

Just pay your regular fare and you can load your bicycle in the rack on the front of the bus for free. All the bike racks have simple instructions posted on them. The bicycle racks are designed to hold each bicycle separately in place by a spring-loaded clamp. Bicycles won't rub, touch, or scratch other bicycles, the bus, or other vehicles. For more information about bicycling in LA, visit the LADOT Livable Streets website.

Tips when using LADOT Bikes on Buses bicycle racks:

  • If the rack is full, please wait for the next bus.
  • You are responsible for loading, securing, and unloading your bicycle from the rack.
  • Get the driver's attention before you load or unload your bike.
  • Never step into traffic while loading or unloading your bike.
  • Never cross the street in front of the bus – passing traffic cannot see you coming around the bus.
  • If an object rolls under the bus, never try to retrieve it. Tell the operator and wait for the bus to pull away, then retrieve it.
  • Make your bike "rack ready" by removing water bottles, pumps or any loose items that might fall off.
  • Tandem bikes or bikes with motors, solid wheels, large racks, child seats or other attachments are not allowed.
  • Folded bikes can be taken on the bus.
  • Move the empty rack into the upright position.
  • Do not lock your bike to the rack.
  • Use the front door when exiting and notify the driver that you will be retrieving your bicycle.
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Contact information for lost or forgotten bikes (Be prepared to give the bus and route number, if possible):
Commuter Express Routes 142, 431, 437, 438, 448, 534 (310) 884-6857
Commuter Express Routes 409, 419, 422, 423, 549, 573, 574 (818) 786-0720
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Bicycle Loading and Unloading Instructions
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