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Rider's Code of Conduct

LADOT Transit Services



In the interest of promoting a safe and pleasant journey for all those aboard, all passengers are expected to abide by this Code of Conduct.

LADOT reserves the right to modify and amend this Code of Conduct at any time. Please contact the LADOT Transit Customer Service Center at 808-2273 from any Los Angeles area code for additional information.

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  1. Refusing to pay proper fare is unlawful, and can result in arrest, fines or ejection from the bus.
  2. Riders must wear appropriate clothing (shirt and shoes) while riding. Riders wearing clothing with offensive or obscene pictures or sayings will be asked to cover or remove these articles of clothing.
  3. Smoking, drinking, or eating on any LADOT bus is prohibited. Possession or consumption of illegal drugs is prohibited.
  4. Possession of any article defined as a weapon is prohibited on any LADOT bus.
  5. Congregating or loitering on a bus or at a bus stop in a way that causes an inconvenience to other passengers is prohibited.
  6. No passenger shall interfere with the safe operation of any LADOT bus and will at all times respect the instructions of the bus driver in regard to the vehicle's operation.
  7. Riders must remain behind the yellow line, and stay seated or secure until the bus comes to a complete stop.
  8. Conversations between passengers or on cell phones shall be kept at a reasonable volume. At no time will vulgar or abusive language be tolerated.
  9. The playing of personal radios and other musical devices is not allowed except with ear phones. Volume on the ear phones shall be kept at a level which does not disturb other passengers.
  10. Only service animals are allowed on board an LADOT bus.
  11. Videotaping or taking photographs on any LADOT vehicle is prohibited without the prior consent of LADOT.
  12. Soliciting money or distributing literature on LADOT buses is not allowed at any time.
  13. Lying down or otherwise occupying more than one seat is not allowed.
  14. Flammable materials are not allowed to be carried on the bus.
  15. Disruptive conduct of any nature by passengers will not be tolerated on LADOT buses. This conduct will result in the ejection of the disruptive passenger from the bus and possible prosecution under the criminal code of the City of Los Angeles.
  16. LADOT and its service contractors may deny passage to any passenger that is identified as being disruptive or a threat to other passengers.
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  • Be aware of your surroundings at the bus stop and on the bus, including the nearest exit.
  • Do not touch or move a suspicious package or substance. Report these items to your bus driver immediately.
  • Keep personal belongings in your possession, and don't accept items from strangers.
  • Report suspicious behavior to your bus driver first. If you cannot notify your driver, call the LA County Sheriff's Transit Hotline at 323-563-5000.
  • Public safety is everyone's responsibility. Do your part to make it a safe trip!

The City of Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) has taken many measures to make sure your travel with us is as safe and secure as possible. However, passengers also have a responsibility to themselves and others to ensure that everyone has a safe trip. This card will provide you with safety tips and other information to help us meet this goal.

The employees of all the companies providing LADOT services are trained professionals and each is fully prepared to handle an emergency situation. If an emergency occurs, follow the instructions of your bus driver.

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