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In general, students residing within the attendance boundaries of the school they attend are not eligible for District-provided transportation.

Students eligible for transportation are:

  1. Students accepted into eligible Choices Programs such as Magnet Schools. Each year there is an enrollment period announced where all interested student/parents can apply.
  2. Students assigned by the Division of Special Education or by the Student Support Services Division to special training schools or classes, social adjustment classes, or other schools or classes for exceptional children.
  3. Students whose condition of health as certified by a school physician makes transportation advisable, providing such students reside near a school bus route or a public carrier line serving their particular school.
  4. Students classified as homeless (McKinney-Vinto Act) and who require transportation assistance to get from their temporary residence to their school of attendance.
  5. Students subject to special/extreme circumstances deemed by the Superintendent of Schools to require transportation services.
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